La Pesca

Hello and Welcome to La-Pesca.Com!

This web site is an outlet for my love and passion to fish.  It is also a place for my friends to download photos of the past few trips that they took with me.

The first thing that I would like to do is answer the most asked question that I get.  What does La Pesca mean?

Pesca is spanish for fishing so in literal translation The Act of Fishing.  When I was a small boy my grandfather used to say "Vamos a la pesca!" or "Let's Go Fishing!"   After making a substantial investment in my fishing habit by buying a boat I thought La Pesca would be a great name for it.

I also need to thank two special people that have effected my fishing ability more than anyone else.  Back in the early 80's I was lucky enough to meet a fishing legend Jessie Mejias.  Anyone who fished Galveston's San Louis Pass back then will tell you that Jessie was the best!  Jessie, I plan to fish with you again on that bay in the sky!

My wife Lea Beth has also tought me to keep my head in the game, she fishes with me when no one else can, and listens to all my fish stories

Check out the site and enjoy the sport of fishing!

John Munoz
My first Redfish on La Pesca
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